Velo Software

Scan & Paint 3D software

The Scan & Paint 3D software offer a fast and easy solution for processing your near field scanned measurements for sound source localization. Furthermore there are lots of analysis option selectable like plotting overall or averaged spectrum, spectrograms, apply different octave bands and many more. The software uses five main tabs that willl guides you from your start up measusurement configuration to your final results reporting. Projects can be managed directly and combined in to a multiview representation for better comparisson of your measurements either for different parts of one object or benchmark type of one object.            
  • Velo 4A | Scan & Paint 3D

Mapping options  Analysis options Other features
  • 3D Particle velocity     
  • 3D Sound intensity
  • Sound Pressure
  • Overall or average Spectrum
  • Spectrograms
  • Frequency filtered audio playback   
  • Auto ranging
  • FFT analyser
  • Sound Power calculation
  • Harmonic cursor 
  • Weighting
  • Remote handle support
  • Reporting
  • Auto probe position tracking by color
  • Signal generator for white noise
    sine wave & sine sweep 
  • Narrow Band
  • Octave
  • 1/3 Octave
  • 1/12 Octave
  • WAV files
  • TXT files
  • MS Excel files