Velo Software


  • Velo 4A | Analyser

The standard signal Analyzer for single- and/or multichannel measurements offers lot of standard signal analysis options. The Analyzer is capable of real time analysis of inputs, not only from the Microflown sensors, but also standard sound pressure microphones and accelerometers. The channels can be configured from just 1 up to 1024channels, supporting a diverse range of frontends like our Scout422 or the Zodiac Heim DIC24.

Next to direct recording and analysing options there is also an extensive export functionality. These export functions are particularly useful for working with sensors with a non-linear frequency response – for instance the Microflown particle velocity probe. All such sensors are easy to use, if you only need to work in the frequency domain, however many research applications and software packages require, as input a time corrected signal – this task can be carried out with Velo analyser.

Furthermore, the basic analyser package is equipped with a signal processing matrix function. This feature will allow you to carry out basic signal processing operations like cross-spectra or transfer function calculations, both is real time and in the post processing stage.

The functions of the analyser can also be expanded by an order tracking module. This module is particularly useful for analysing rotating components as it allows to compute the frequency content of any recoded signal with respect to its rotating speed. What makes this module unique is the capability to extract the rotational orders without the necessity to record the RPM signal. You only need to define, and highlight a known order, and an efficient algorithm will determine the distribution of any other orders of your choice, in a simple and easy to understand ordergram. The computation of rotational orders can be carried out for any type of sensors that are connected with system. As a result you can monitor the evolution of a particular order with respect to Sound Pressure, Particle Velocity, Sound Power, Sound Intensity or Acceleration.

 Analysis options Other features
  • Overall or average Spectrum
  • Spectrograms
  • Frequency filtered audio playback   
  • Auto ranging
  • FFT analyser
  • Harmonic cursor 
  • Weighting
  • Order analysis
  • Remote handle support
  • Reporting
  • Signal generator for white noise, pink noise
    sine wave, sine sweep & wave import 
 Bands   Supported frondends & Channels  
  • Narrow Band
  • Octave
  • 1/3 Octave
  • 1/12 Octave
  • Scout422
  • Zodiac Heim DataRec4
  • MFDAQ-2
  • NI USB-9234 & USB-4431
  • 1 up to 1024channels configurable
 Exporting  Supported sensors  
  • WAV files
  • Universal files
  • Matlab files
  • TXT files
  • MS Excel files 
  • All Microflown sensors
  • Microphones (IEPE)
  • Accelerometers (IEPE)
  • Tacho sensors