Velo Software

Velo Software


The Velo software platform is the first Microflown common software platform, which combines the functionalities of nearly all Microflown solutions into one integrated piece. Moreover, Velo is fully configurable, which means you can order only the components necessary for your measurement campaign. Should you require any additional functionalities, you can always easily upgrade your Velo package with extra software application base modules or add-on modules. To ensure you'll receive all new software updates, features and support please check our software & support contracts here
Latest release is Velo 4B. The base modules that currently are integrated and available in the Velo Platform are:

>>> Analyser

The standard signal Analyzer for single- and/or multichannel measurment offers standard signal analysis options. The Analyzer is capable of real time analysis of inputs, not only from the Microflown sensors, but also standard sound pressure microphones and accelerometers.

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>>> Scan&Paint

The well-known best seller Scan & Paint, the markets number 1 scanning based sound source localization technnique, is also upgraded to the Velo platform. Visualise fast and easy your scanned measurement data, in a broad frequency range, in a colormap and run further extensive analysis. 

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>>> Scan&Paint 3D

The Scan & Paint 3D, is the newest module added to the Velo platform. In a matter of minutes the complete sound field, as 3D sound intensity or particle velocity, is displayed on a 3D model over a broad frequency range and with an unparalleled dynamic range. 

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>>> Sound Power (& Sound Intensity)

The Sound Power enables a three dimensional representation of sound power, measured with the Microflown PU-Intensity probe. You can use the features of this software module to obtain a 3D distribution of not only sound power, but also sound Intensity, sound pressure and particle velocity.

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>>> Acoustic Camera

The Acoustic Camera software is developed for array applications of multiple probes. This multiple probe solution, called Near Field Acoustic Camera, make possible to measure non-stationary conditions and transient noise

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>>> Acoustic Shape

 The Acoustic Shape is moving your array applications from 2D to 3D. Enabling an intuitive workflow to combine multiple measurements, even from different perspectives, into one project on a 3D Model. With Acoustic Shape a solution is offered for non-stationary situations when arrays have to be applied to localize transients or see changes over time and rpm. 

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>>> VPA | Virtual Phased Arrays

The virutual phased arrays or shorly called VPA brings the power of the Scan & Paint scanning measurement technique into the acoustic far field. Create a virtual array with a lot of measurement point a scan and visualise the date by the use of beamforming techniques.

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>>> In-situ Absorption

The microflown sensor allows to measure the acoustic properties of materials in situ using the in-situ absorption setup.

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>>> 3D Shape Editor

Create a 3D model to display and visualize your measurement data on. The advanced add-on module also includes importing option from differnt formats as for example CAD. The 3D Shape Creator is a module overlapping application that is supported in several of our application modules.