Standard probes


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The U mini probe is a brand new transducer from Microflown. The probe resembles the well-known PU mini probe, however the U mini is based on the Microflown sensor only; only the single axial particle velocity is measured. The probe benefits from an increased signal to noise ratio, (15dB higher as compared to an unpackaged sensors) thanks to the properties of the housing. Furthermore, we have increased the size of the metallic mesh surrounding the probe. A larger metal mesh, though increased the size of the probe, allowed to push its resistance to DC flow to a 7 m/s second limit.  This probe was primarily developed to facilitate the needs of powertrain NVH teams around the world. One of its first applications was around a combustion engine mounted in the car engine compartment. The ultimate goal of our measurement, was to determine the total sound power radiated from the engine, without the need to bring the engine to an anechoic chamber.   High DC flows present in the engine compartment required us to design a probe that could work both at high temperatures and in high DC flow environments – The U mini probe was the right probe for the job. Check out more details regarding the in-situ engine sound power estimation in our publication.