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Scanning Probe

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The ½ inch Scanning Probe is a device based on the MEMS Microflown sensor. The Microflown is the only sensor which physically can measure the acoustic particle velocity directly. Any sound field is described by two complementary acoustic properties, the scalar value 'sound pressure', and the vector value 'particle velocity'. In the acoustic near field, particle velocity is the dominant acoustic property. In the near field, the acoustic particle velocity and the structural velocity coincide. This makes the Scanning Probe very suitable for non contact measurements of vibrations. The Scanning Probe is designed in such a manner that the probe can be used very close to the surface and capable of reaching measurement locations that are difficult to access.  Measuring acoustic particle velocity in the near field can be beneficial for more than only non contact vibration. The susceptibility of a Microflown, as compared to a microphone, to background noise and reflections is minus 40dB. The sensors do not require the creation of anechoic conditions, so for example products can be tested for quality control in the production line directly. The Scanning Probe is available in three orientations, 0, 45 and 90 degrees, and comes standard including a 1 channel signal conditioner ( MFPA-1), the necessary cabling, calibration report and two years warranty.