Standard probes

PU match

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The PU match is used when size is important. The PU match is a sound probe combining two sensors: a traditional microphone and a microflown. The sensor the world’s smallest intensity probe available. Directly at one spot the sound pressure and acoustic particle velocity are measured. Any sound field is described by two complementary acoustic properties, the scalar value 'sound pressure' and the vector value 'particle velocity'. In the acoustic near field, acoustic particle velocity is the dominant acoustic property. The Microflown is the only sensor which physically can measure the acoustic particle velocity directly.  The PU match can be used for a variety of applications but is mainly used in situations when size is important. The properties like sound intensity, sound power, acoustic absorption can be measured under a very high spatial resolution on small objects as for example laptop or cellphones. Or for example when the sound power output of cars dashboard needs to be determined, the part where the front window comes close  to the dashboard and thus space is limited. Beneficial of the measurement principle is that measurement can be done in-situ under realistic condition.  The sensors  have no need to create anechoic conditions and can be used within closed cavities, such as a car interior, the sensor is not having  P/I ( pressure over intensity ) index problems.  The susceptibility of a microflown compared to a microphone to background noise and reflections is minus 40dB. 

The PU match comes standard including a 2 channel signal conditioner ( MFPA-2 ), the necessary cabling, calibration report and two years warranty.