Standard probes

PT packaged ( PI probe)

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The PU match packaged,PI probe is specially optimized for being used in impedance measurements but it can be used for any other measurement such as pressure, particle velocity, intensity or sound power.

The PU match packaged,PI is a sound probe combining two sensors: a traditional microphone and a microflown.Directly at one spot the sound pressure and acoustic particle velocity are measured. Any sound field is described by two complementary acoustic properties, the scalar value 'sound pressure' and the vector value 'particle velocity'. In the acoustic near field, acoustic particle velocity is the dominant acoustic property. The Microflown is the only sensor which physically can measure the acoustic particle velocity directly. 

The PU match packaged, PI is designed in such a way that the sensors are protected by the mesh structure arround them but they are not inserted in the traditional packaging that characterizes the PU probes in order to avoid possible interferance at higher frequencies. Thanks to this modification the measurement of acoustic impedance, specially for highly reflective materials is extended in the higher frequency range.

The PU match packaged,PI comes standard including a 2 channel signal conditioner ( MFPA-2 ), the necessary cabling, calibration report and two years warranty.