Standard probes

High dB PU Probe

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The one dimensional High dB PU Probe consists of a Microflown acoustic particle velocity sensor and a conventional microphone. Directly at one spot the sound pressure and acoustic particle velocity are measured. When the maximum dB level of standard available PU probes is not sufficient, the High dB PU probe could be the solution.

The High dB PU probe is designed to withstand sound pressure and particle velocity levels up to 150 dB. The probe is delivered with a protective cap equipped with a metallic mesh. The aim of the cap, along with the metallic mesh, is to protect both transducers (microphone and the microflown) from mechanical shocks, and act as a primary windscreen for the probe. The High dB PU probe can be used for a variety of applications such as: determination of sound intensity, sound power, sound source localisation, detection of sound leakages, as well as measurements of sound absorption and reflection coefficients.

The High dB PU Probe comes standard including a 2 channel signal conditioner (MFPA-2 ), the necessary cabling, calibration report and two years warranty.