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Mid-High Frequency Volume Velocity Source

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The new mid-high frequency volume velocity source is completely redesigned to deliver a final product that on any aspect drives it to a higher level. The improved performance going hand in hand with a user friendly experience, puts it top of your mind when looking for a sound source.

The sound source has an embedded reference particle velocity sensor. This reference sensor measures the output of the source, volume velocity, directly and accurately.

This Mid-High Frequency Volume Velocity Source can be used for a wide range of applications like transfer path analysis, airborne source quantification, component vibroacoustic behavior characterization, airborne source quantification and pass by noise simulations. This omnidirectional source will guide your decisions in the right direction.

The MHVVS at a Glance

  • Covering a relevant and broad range of 300Hz – 12kHz
  • High power output, maximum Sound Power Level of 107 dB
  • Direct volume velocity measurement using an integrated particle velocity sensor
  • Embedded amplifier, making it compact & user friendly
  • Fast reciprocal transfer function acquisition
  • Flat response and very low diffraction







  • Panel Noise Contribution Analysis
  • SMT Substitution Monopole Technique
  • In-situ transmission loss measurements
  • General airborne and structure borne transfer functions
  • Scan & Paint TPA


  • Cabin Interior Panel Noise Contribution Analysis
  • In-situ transmission loss measurements