Acoustic end of line control

Testing a manufactured unit at the end of the assembly line is a critical step in the production process. Any defective products must be separated from the functional units. Reliable detection of defective units is the primary objective of any End of Line tests. Maximizing the output and minimizing the false rejection rate is the ultimate goal of Microflown End of Line control applications.

Each product has its own unique vibro-acoustic behaviour pattern. Hidden within that pattern is crucial information regarding the functioning and condition of the product itself, as well as the manufacturing process that created it. The ability take advantage such information can significantly reduce manufacturing costs as well as the number of faulty products coming of the production line. Moreover, the non-destructive nature of acoustic End of Line testing procedures enables their direct implementation on the production line itself.

Up till now numerous acoustic quality control procedures were encumbered by the physical properties of pressure microphones used in the control process. Acoustically sealed rooms, anechoic chambers, all require substantial resources and complicated measurement routines. With Microflown particle velocity sensor you can forget about these arrangements! Moreover, the Microflown sensor can be used for acceleration measurements. This feature makes it a perfect alternative for existing accelerometer based End of Line control procedures.

Microflown – End of line solutions

Microflown particle velocity probes provide the cutting edge in the field of acoustic end of line control. With Microflown particle velocity probes, products can be tested directly in the manufacturing environment without the need of removing them from the production line. Compared to traditional microphones the Microflown probes have a nearly 40dB lower susceptibility to background noises and reflections. Furthermore the method is a non-contact method so there are no mass load effects or difficulties that occur when mounting the sensor.

Not only a ground breaking sensor but the combination of it with the knowledge and experience of our top engineers make it possible to deliver a complete end to end solution for any End Of Line control application. From product analysis, testing procedure design up to production line implementation. Microflown is capable of providing a customized solution which meets your expectations.

  • Frequency range 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Non contact method
  • Integration possible in production line ( manufacturing environment )
  • Fast method; short measurement and processing time
  • Low suscepebility to background noise and reflections
  • No need for anechoic room or anechoic conditions