Heim Systems - LMFx

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If the systems consists of more than one Signal Module a Link Module will be needed. The Link Module is the central processing module and supports a different number of subsystems (Signal module chains). A subsystem consists of max. 8 Signal Modules.
The Link Module LMF2 supports two subsystems. This means, that the LMF2 supports up to 16 Signal Modules. Multi channel Link Modules can be used to connect many Signal modulechains in order to create large multi channel acquisition systems. (LMF4 up to 768 channel / LMF8 Link Modules up to 1500 channels ).
Data acquired from the Signal Modules can either be transferred via IEEE 1394b, Gigabit Ethernet and USB2.0 to an analysis computer. The first Link Module Firmware version supports the front-end operation via IEEE 1394b interface. Other interfaces as well as a recording mode will be supported in later development steps of Link Module hardware and firmware.
Since the Link Module provides the time basis for the connected Signal Modules a high precision synchronisation of the signal is always guaranteed. Furthermore the Link Module controls the calibration, the phase alignment, and the system test if a new system configuration is required.


Link Module Bit Rate : up to 500 Mbit/s, depending on signal modules, sampling frequencies, computer interfaces
Data Link Bit Rate : 1.02 – 2.04 Gbit/s (physical layer)
Data Link Throughput
Data Rate : max. 600 Mbit/s – 1.5 Gbit/s,
Cable Length Subsystem : max. 50 m
Cable Length between two modules : max. 10 m
Contact Remote Input : 7 Digital Inputs
Input Level : max. 24 V
Status Output : 7 Open Collector
Status Output Current : max. 60 mA, max. 36V
Time Code Inputs/Outputs : IRIG-A,-B,-G In / Out,
(optional) : PPS In / Out
                    GPS Serial RS232/RS422
Computer Interface : IEEE 1394a/b, USB2.0 ( Target ),
                                   Gbit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base T) and
                                   RS232/422 Remote, 2 x SAS/SATA (optional)
Storage Interface (optional) : IEEE 1394a/b, USB2.0 ( HOST ),
                                                  Gbit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base T) and
                                                  2 x SAS/SATA (optional)
RTC : yes, battery powered
Time accuracy : 1 ppm
HPO : optional
Time accuracy : 0,001 ppm
Dimensions : 70,1 x 184 x 124,5 mm (w x h x d) including fixing system
Weight : 1,1 Kg typical
Cooling : fan (temp. regulated and switchable)
Power consumption : 20 watts typical
Power input range : 17 up to 28 voltages
Input DC power monitoring : yes, with Low Power detection
Power Source : Link connector

Environmental specifications

Vibration : 5g
Shock : 10g
Operating temp. : -30°C - +65°C
Storage temp. : -40°C - +90°C
Humidity : 0 - 95% relative, non-condensing