Scattered array

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The PU probe array coupled with the Microflown Acoustic Camera software allows for free configuration of any measurement grid. In other words you can place any amount of PU probes over the measured surface without worrying that irregular positioning of sensors would adversely affect the useable frequency range. In fact, since a single PU probe is able to measure both sound pressure and particle velocity almost at the same spot, only the spatial resolution is affected by the spacing between the sensors.

An array of Microflown PU probes is most powerful when used in an irregular configuration. Microflown can design and build an array grid tailored for a particular application. However we also have solutions which will allow you to position your sensors in any way you need. For some applications it is required to mount the probes directly on the measured surface. An example of such an application would be the Panel noise contribution analysis (PNCA). The PNCA is typically carried out in a car interior in driving conditions. Due to the motion of the car body itself, the probes cannot be hand held or positioned on tripods. The best option would be to attach the probes directly on the measured surface, and ensure that the probes are decoupled from the surface vibration. For this task, we have designed special mountings. You can simply click-in the PU Mini probe on the mounting, and using a velcro sticker attach it to a surface. The mountings do not affect the usable frequency range that the sensor is measuring.