Newsletter | February 2012

Newsletter | February 2012   

Microflown End of Line Control
Testing a manufactured unit at the end of the assembly line is a critical step in the production process. Any defective products must be separated from the functional units. This is the primary goal of the usual End of Line tests, while maximizing the output and minimizing the false rejection rate is the ultimate goal of Microflown End of Line control applications.


New Panel Noise Contribution Reference-Related!
The Panel Noise Contribution Analysis (PNCA) is a well-known methodology for airborne Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) in car interior. The new Microflown Panel Noise Contribution Analysis Referenced (PNCAR) implements a unique post-processing technique which uses a reference sensor in order to extract the relative phase information for the individual panel and frequency of interest.

Engineering Services
Microflown Technologies Team is happy to offer you a range of engineering services in the field of acoustics and vibrations. All kind of Microflwon applications are available either for on-site or in house testing. Do you want to know more? View details>>>
News & Events
> New video about Microflown Acoustic Camera is coming soon!

> Software Support Contract in now available on the website!

> Contact our Customer Service becomes faster! Add cs.microflown to your Skype!

DAGA 2012
Germany, 19-22th March 2012

ESA Congress
the Netherlands, 20-23rd March 2012

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