Newsletter | August 2012

Newsletter | August 2012   

Device that makes particle velocity audible to human ears

Microflown Technologies invented the device that makes acoustic particle velocity audible. The device called Scan&Listen. Locating sound sources in practical environments can be difficult, especially in situations with non-stationary sources like squeak and rattle. Just listening to particle velocity with Scan&Listen can give you better results than extensive, detailed FFT analysis!   It is an intuitive method of sound source localization, as well as acoustic leakage detection.

In-situ Absorption Setup for higher frequency problems at reflecting materials

The main focus of In-situ absorption setup is to measure acoustic properties of the damping materials that are used in automotive industry mainly at low frequencies. The PU-mini probe is perfectly suits for this. But if the setup needs to be used for high reflecting panels and at higher frequencies, the PU-mini should be replaced with PU-match. The PU-match probe consists of the same pressure and particle velocity sensors. The main difference is the packaging.

Internoise 2012: Scanning measurement techniques applied to noise sound source localization

The Internoise 2012 was held in New York, USA. Microflown Technologies presented a short course “Scanning measurement techniques applied to noise sound source localization”. The course contained the information about usages and advantages of PP and PU sound intensity probes; about traditional measurement techniques; about advanced scanning techniques based on Microflown. See the presentation>>>
News & Events
> ERF 2012
the Netherlands, 4-7th September 2012

> ISMA 2012 
Belgium, 17-19th September 2012

Portugal, 1-3rd October 2012

Demo trip in Spain and Portugal
To participate contact Lola Garcia

Demo trip in France
To participate contact Andrea Grosso

New papers
from ICSV 2012 and Internoise 2012 are available. Check the Library>>>

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