Newsletter | May 2012

Newsletter | May 2012   

In-situ Absorption Setup

Microflown Technologies offers a complete solution to measure the acoustic properties of materials with its In-situ Absorption Setup. This method is an alternative for the well known Kundt's method or reverberant room method, but with some differences.

Taking (destructive) samples is no longer required. The system can even measure complete assembled parts, that are next to material samples. Extremely high spacial resolution allows analysis of inhomogeneous materials.

As the in-situ method also works with a relative movement between sample and probe and with relatively high level of background noise or reflections, end of line control of materials has become possible.

With a small, handheld absorption gun the acoustic absorption, reflection or impedance can be measured in just a few minutes. With sound source at 23 cm from the probe, the noise is generated towards the sample. The sound pressure and acoustic particle velocity are measured right on the surface of the material.

Industries: Automotive, Aerospace

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> The 1st of June 2012 Microflown Technologies organize free seminar in Novi, MI, USA!

> JFVA 2012
France,    7th June 2012

Euronoise 2012
Czech Republic,    10-13th June 2012

SNVH 2012
Austria, 13-15th June 2012

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