Newsletter | June 2012

Newsletter | June 2012   

End of Line Control Software


Microflown Technologies is happy to annouce the first release of a general purpose End of Line Control Software. EOL 1.0 designed to evaluate NVH problems for any type of products, such as car horns, electric engines, pumps and so on.

Combined with the unique features of the Microflown sensor the EOL software becomes a powerful tool, capable of assessing the quality of the products in the field of noise and vibration, directly in the production stage.

Software features:

  • easily configurable
  • real time performace of tests
  • automatic start of measurements
  • easily adjustable thresholds

Not only the ground breaking sensor, but the combination of it with the knowledge and experience of Microflown top engineers make it possible to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for any End of Line applications.

Industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Electronic&Consumer goods

News & Events
> Microflown Technologies application leaflets now are also available on the website.

> ICSV19
Lithuania,    8-12th July 2012

> Internoise 2012
USA,    9-22th August 2012

Open Vacancies
Microflown Technologies opened new vacancies of software developer and test engineers.

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