Newsletter | July 2012

Newsletter | July 2012   

Scan&Paint TPA - scanning solution for Airborne Transfer Path Analysis

Microflown Technologies understand that the interior noise of a car is a general quality index for many OEM manufacturers. Due to this fact, we are happy to announce a new product, called Scan&Paint TPA. Scan&Paint TPA is a fast and easy solution for characterizing cavity interior sound fields under stationary conditions. The software is developed to be able to create fast and accurate particle velocity, sound pressure and transfer path maps characterizing the noise sources and its affection at the listener position by means of scanning the surface while recording audio and video information.


Similar to the standard Scan&Paint the source strength is measured in operational conditions by scanning the surface with a PU probe. The difference with the TPA version is that now a reference microphone is added at a defined position to have the phase correlation between different surface velocities.

The transfer function is measured in a reciprocal way, exciting the car interior with a mid-high-frequency and/or low-frequency monopole. In a second step, the monopole sound source is positioned at the listener position and the particle velocity is measured over the surface. The combination of the particle velocity distribution along the surface and the transfer path to the listener position leads to obtain the relative phase information between all the sections as well to evaluate and rank the contributions from different sound sources.

The measurement versus synthesis (SPL vs Sum of contribution) validation gives total reliability to the results, comparing the expected result with the actual measurement performed with Scan&Paint. Being able to perform Airborne transfer path analysis in any cavity interior.

Software features:

  • multisection display
  • multisection spectogram
  • grid calculation and averaging
  • measurements' comparison and dispersion
  • measurement reliability: plot time length data

Applications: sound source localization, troubleshooting, airborne Transfer Path Analysis, car interior noise

Industries: Automotive

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