Newsletter | April 2012

Newsletter | April 2012   


Microflown Acoustic Camera - an expert in transient noise

Any product from Microflown Technologies is characterized by direct measurement of particle velocity. Microflown Acoustic Camera, which is becoming more and more popular among companies, is not an exception. 

The main characteristic of this product is the possibility of measurement and visualization of transient noise in real conditions. Whether it is car noise interior in driving conditions or manufacturing facilities, the Microflown Acoustic Camera has no measurement problems related to the backround noise and reflections, due to characteristic of “particle velocity” element (Microflown) in the sensors. Compared with traditional holography and beam forming, Microflown Acoustic Camera has other benefits. 

First, it is possible to create any kind of the arrays with different geometry and shapes that allows doing the measurements even on curved surfaces. It is worth to say, that the form and the size of the array does not affect the frequency range of the analysis, which is always 20-20kHz.

Second, as Microflown Acoustic Camera is a direct method, the spatial resolution does not depend on the frequency, but only on the spacing between the probes.

Besides that, the dynamic range of the velocity is about 40dB that is much higher compared with holography and beam forming techniques.

No less important is the simplicity of this method. Microflown Acoustic Camera does not require complex calculations and deep knowledge in acoustics.

Summing up, Microflown Acoustic Camera – is an expert in transient noise, which does all the work for you.

Industries: Automotive, Aerospace & Aviation, Electronic & Consumer Goods,  Manufacturing Industries

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> The 17th International Noise Awreness Day was held on 25th of April 2012.

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