Upgrade your equipment with the new MFPA

Microflown Technologies would like to kick off the new year with an upgrade opportunity for your Microflown signal conditioners (each Microflown probe is equipped with one). At the end of last year we've released a range of new signal conditioners called the Microflown pre-amplifiers (MFPA).

If you would like more info and pricing on upgrading your hardware to the new and improved version, please contact us at .  

As part of the upgrade, your existing probe will be recalibrated and equipped with the new signal conditioning unit. Each new sensor manufactured at Microflown will from now on be equipped with the new device. New circuitry allowed us to lower the self-noise of the sensor and support its full dynamic range (over 130 dB). Moreover, most Microflown hardware had been given a full overhaul, both inside and out, giving it a new designer’s look. Click here for details. The MFPA can be delivered as a one, two or four channel device. The channel count depends on the type of sensor you own (Scanning probe, PU probe, USP probe).

Key Features

  • Full dynamic range of the sensor is supported (No High/Low gain switch)
  • Lower self-noise – Comparison between the MFPA and the previous device (MFSC)
  • Improved signal to noise ratio
  • New enclosure
  • No Hardware correction
  • Easier to use as compared with the old generation of signal conditioners