Success Story of Tech Damper

Tech Damper using Scan&Paint

"Our company, Tech Damper, deliver acoustic and vibration solutions for the industrial market and are field leading because of the synergies we work in. The clients of Tech Damper have a higher degree of stability in their production by reducing the risk of production cut off and worn out parts. Tech Damper also solve Safety, Health and Environment problems due to acoustic and vibrations.

We were contacted by customer when they discovered loud noise coming from one of the process pipes of an offshore rig. The noise had appeared after changing an internal component. Tech Damper was asked to analyze and solve the problem.

The customer experiences high acoustic levels in a bigger platform area, which force them to strain down their production till the problem is solved due to risk of fatigue. We conducted acoustic measurements with Microflown Scan & Paint. The measured acoustic data from Microflown Scan & Paint revealed high intensity noise and came from the location of the newly installed component. Simulations of the component with measured input data revealed high internal dynamic pressure and high stresses in the component with the possibility of fatigue failure. Based on measurements and simulations, Tech damper designed a new component found to have acceptable stress levels. The component was produced and installed within 5 days after the first measurements were made. The problem was solved and the customer could continue their production at full scale again.

We were happy to use Microflown Scan&Paint. It is really easy to use and results were obtained quite fast. Thank you!"

New component

Working environment