Environmental Noise

Environmental Noise

Noise is a consequence of human activity therefor it can't be removed from our daily routine but it should be assessed to the cause, controlled and sometimes suppressed or lowered  to allow a sufficient quality of live in the surroundings.

Especially infrasound (or low frequency noise) is known to affect both the wellbeing and health of human beings. It is often caused by industrial activities far away from where people live.Though detecting low frequency noise can be done by conventional sound pressure microphones, locating the actual position where this noise is generated is difficult with these microphons. As the Microflown transducer remains its directionality in the low frequency range, it offers new opportunities to locate the position of an object generating infrasound. NoiseLOC is a rapidly deployable tool that allows the localization of an infrasonic sound source within half a day. Read more on this here



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