Under library a extensive range of information can be found. Diverse documents such as datasheet, manuals, application notes, scientific papers and more can be found here. Please use the navigation menu to guide you to the different sections available in the library or click on the links below.

Application Notes

Application notes describe a specific measurement case or application in wich the our products can be used. For example using a Microflown sensor to find transient noise in as seatbelt meachanism.

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Product Leaflets

Product leaflets briefly describe a solution that is offered by Microflown.


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Regularry Microflown or other parties are publishing scientific papers on our products and technology at congresses. Under publications most Microflown related publications can be found.

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The Microflown E-book is digital book containing all topics around the Microflown. Furthermore there are books available describing relevant information on the Microflown.

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Microflown made videos on different specific topics to explain and show their products and applications in a practical and theoretical way.

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Measurement Techniques

The Microflown is applied in a diverse range of applications with different measurement techniques used.  For each measurement technique there are specific features and benifts.

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